The most famous words about fear were probably spoken by Franklin Roosevelt during his 1932 inaugural address as US president. America was then in the grip of the worst economic depression in world history. Banks were closing, businesses were collapsing, and millions of people were losing their jobs. Fear ruled supreme. People were frightened to take any positive action in case they got a negative result.

Stephen Provins Sold Within Two Weeks

Sold Within Two Weeks

Hi my name is Stephen Provins… We had three offers and sold within two weeks at the price we wanted.

Why Sell with Leo Gurney

Why Sell with Leo Gurney Real Estate?

Hi, my name is Marg. I live in Everton Park in Brisbane. Selling a house for me is the most stressful experience in the universe. The advertising stuff that I experienced with the other agents was…

its all about the business first

It’s All About the Service First!

There’s a perception that the bigger firms would perhaps not have that personal approach and with Leo particularly you’re guaranteed of the that personal approach.


5 Offers in Under One Week

My name is Trish, We weren’t on the market for very long… and initially got five offers in that first week so it was a very quick process. I chose to sell my property with Leo Gurney Real Estate because they have a great reputation for integrity and honesty.

Work Part Time in Real Estate
Inside Secrets of Real Estate

Inside Secrets of Real Estate

Selling or Investing in Real Estate? Neil Jenman shows you how real estate consumers collectively lose millions of dollars each year. This seminar is essential viewing for home owners, home buyers, and property investors.

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