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In February, Lana and Ian, a retired couple, decided to sell their home. An agent said auction would get the best price.

[WARNING: Only dishonest or incompetent agents say “auctions get the best price”].

Lana and Ian are inexperienced. Like most sellers, they are at the mercy of agents. It’s a lucky-dip if sellers get a good agent or a bad agent these days because most agents look the same and speak the same.

If an agent comes from a big-name firm, has a cute video and rates well on ‘Rate My Agent’, it’s easy to understand how Lana and Ian, like tens of thousands of sellers, choose the wrong agent.

[WARNING: Many dodgy agents are in “big name networks”. Any agent can get a slick video. As for ‘Rate My Agent’, that’s the current industry joke – try finding a negative review. Agents pay ‘Rate My Agent’. You should check Google reviews only.

What’s not easy to understand, however, is how Lana and Ian are now frightened of this agent.

Due to COVID-19, their auction was cancelled. Lana emailed asking for a refund of the $660 “auction fee”.

The agent said no.

Lana was stunned. “That’s not fair,” she told the agent. “Auctions were banned.”

The agent wasn’t phased, telling Lana: “We are legally within our rights to keep the auction fee, don’t make any trouble.”

[WARNING: Avoid agents who use the legal law to break the moral laws].


How is it “making trouble” to ask for a refund of a fee for a service that never happened?

Lana rang us.

“You have been ripped off,” we said. We’ll help you.

“Oh no, please don’t. This is a small town and I don’t want to get a bad name.”

Since when does the victim of a scam get a bad name?

What is happening in our world?

Has the fear of COVID-19 made us all more frightened? Let’s hope not, because when it comes to real estate, fear can be expensive.

Real estate agent, Jim Grigoriou, in his soon-to-be-released book, The Real Estate Short-Sell says: “Fear of agents is a major reason homes are short-sold.”

Grigoriou explains that fear is how agents control sellers.

“It’s a power grab,” he said on the weekend, “and just like any relationship where one person wants to control another, if you fear them, they control you.”

Many sellers don’t even realise they are scared of agents.

Be careful if you or your partner make any of these statements:

“The agent may get offended.”

“We don’t want the agent off-side”.

“We are not good at handling stress.”

“The agent may badmouth our home.”

“The agent won’t like it if we talk with Jenman.”

“They want our answer by tomorrow night.”

“If we don’t pay up, the agent says things will escalate.”

Fear is an unacceptable factor in any relationship, business or personal. As happens when people suffer from cynophobia (fear of dogs), canines can sense the fear which makes getting bitten more likely. Agents are like dogs when it comes to fear.

If you suffer from Allodoxaphobia (fear of conflict), you will be aware of your fear before you call agents. Many agents use scripted lines to prey on your fear. For example, they will start a sentence with the words, “If you don’t” and then tell you something bad or negative may happen to you.

The way to handle fear-creating “If you don’t” statements is to reply with your own three words. Such as: “If you do”.

Say to such agents. “If you do keep trying to scare me or whatever you are doing, you will no longer be our agent.”

Do not get involved in arguing, just use an immensely powerful technique for controlling bullies who try to control you. Use the “broken record” technique. Keep repeating your same strong powerful statement: “If you do keep this up, you will not be our agent.”

Don’t be frightened of confrontation with a real estate agent, please.

Agents want you more than you want them. Agents need you more than you need them.

Fear is a terrible emotion. It is used by people who see you as their enemy, not as their client.

As far back as Biblical times, people were told that “your enemy will use fear to decrease your hope”.

That’s what many agents do: They get your hopes up before you sign-up and then get your hopes down after you sign-up. It’s a common trick.

Do not fear confrontation.

As Amy Morin said in an article in Psychology Today, “In reality, confrontation is healthy. There are many kind and assertive ways to speak up and express your opinion and doing so might improve your situation more than you imagined.

Here are some ways to control your fear of agents and protect yourself:

BOSS – It’s your home, you are the boss. If the agent won’t do as you wish, get another agent.

TIME – Unless you love the agent and are 100% sure you’re safe, never sign-up for more than 30 days.

PAUSE –Don’t sign anything, especially the first time you meet an agent unless, again, you are 100 per cent sure you trust this agent as you’d trust a best friend. Make it your family policy to always ‘THINK IT OVER’ before making any decision.

KNOWLEDGE – Most fear comes from lack of knowledge. If you don’t know how to protect yourself from harm, you’re in big danger and understandably feeling fear.

If you want the best real estate information in Australia, ask us for a copy of our exclusive report: ‘The 8 Very Best Ways to get the Very Best Price for your Home’.

Just call 1800 1800 18 or email Consumers only please. No agents. Please provide your contact number for verification. You will never be hassled, and we will never ask you to pay any money or sign anything to receive this report.

HIGHER AUTHORITY – One of the best ways to protect yourself is to use a “higher authority”, someone who has your best interests at heart. Maybe a parent, a close friend, a solicitor. Or me. I love helping genuine and decent sellers.

My name is Neil Jenman. I am not scared of agents.

I will protect you and make sure you get the best price.


By insisting that any agent you choose agrees to eight points BEFORE you sign-up. Instead of relinquishing control, this means you will keep control. It’s wonderful.

If you feel you can trust me or any of the fine people at Jenman support, please email me at

Or call 1800 1800 18.

Thank you.

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