Why Sell with Leo Gurney Real Estate?


Hi, my name is Marg.

I live in Everton Park in Brisbane.

Why Sell with Leo Gurney Real Estate?

Selling a house for me is the most stressful experience in the universe. The advertising stuff that I experienced with the other agents was we were presented with rizzy razzy marketing ranging from a large amount to an incredibly large amount. Most of which I didn’t think was necessary because I hardly ever look on the internet anyway. Leo Gurney didn’t try and sell us big rizzy packages of stuff we didn’t need. In the past I actually argued with agents over not paying to market you… I want my house marketed.

Can you please explain the sales process?

Once it was up on the internet we had lots of interest and we had a sale within a week.

Are you happy with the selling price?

The price we got was way above my best expectations so we’re really, really thrilled. We had the property advertised for a $650,000 and we realize $673,000 I think. So really, very pleased and it helped us with the transition to the new property.

So when we’re looking in how much to advertise the property. I was really uncertain how to proceed and I was guided by Mark and what he said and what really surprise me is the price that was listed wasn’t actually the price that we realize. The price helped people who we’re qualified to come in and take a look and in the end we got quite a bit more than I was hoping for.

I think we received $23,000 more than we listed it for. I really felt like I was supported and looked after by the team. So for me it wasn’t just these guys were out, just for their bottom line. I actually felt like they’re genuinely interested in helping me get what I need out of the interaction, and I did.

How do you rate your experience?

Not So Good



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