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Jodi Tunn

We have wonderful career opportunities ideal for stay-at-home-Mums (or Dads!) who have a few hours to spare each week.

Jodi Tunn was a stay-at-home-mum. Now she works the hours she wants, and averages around two-and-a-half-thousand dollars per month. Listen to Neil Jenman interview Jodi about what it’s like working part time in real estate…


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“You’re not tough enough to work in real estate!”


Jodi Tunn works part-time in a Jenman Approved real estate agency in Tasmania.

Jodi averages around two and a half thousand dollars a month working in a Jenman Approved agency.

One person said “You’re not tough enough” to work in real estate. My dad was a mechanic and my great grandad was Roy Cazaly (famous for his high marks and ruck work, which gave rise to the phrase “Up There Cazaly”.)

Tough is my middle name!

“You’re too old” said another person. Old? How dare you! I’m 45. I don’t intend on getting old for a long time

“And you‘re too honest” quipped someone else. Well, I chose to work in a Jenman Approved agency.

Anyone who knows a lot about real estate knows of Neil Jenman and his lifetime campaign to promote ethics in real estate.

This is where I love to work. And maybe it’s where you might love to work too.

So why did I get into real estate? Okay, I’ll admit it. I need the money. My husband and I got caught in a bad business deal recently we lost our family home. But even though I’ve got children to look after, There’s no way I want to stay on the couch and sulk. I want to improve things for my family. I am determined. We’re going up, Not down! We’re going to have our own home again, Mark my words!

So when I saw a job for a part-time real estate position and I could choose hours to suit me and be paid good hourly rate plus bonuses, I had to know more. And gee, am I glad I did. As our bank account grows, I said my husband who’s laughing now eh?

I really love this job – for three reasons. First, I choose when I want to work and for how long I want to work. Some days i do as many five hours, other days I just do an hour or two. Some days i may not work at all. Its up to me. I start when i feel like it and i stop when I feel like it. How good is that for a job?!

Second, I’ve grown to love the job. Real estate is fascinating and I meet lovely people. Plus, i work with a great team who are genuinely dedicated to giving the best service to their customer. That’s the Jenman way.

And the third reason I love this job is what I mentioned earlier – money. With my bonuses, I’m on target to average around two-and-a-half thousand dollars a month. That’m making a BIG difference in our family. Before now, I’ve felt like I’ve always been short of money in my adult life and it’s awful.

These are wonderful career opportunities and will be ideal for stay-at-home-Mums (or Dads!) who have a few hours to spare each week.

Or perhaps people who have had a successful business career and have retired too soon.

We are looking for the very best and brightest people; hence, the reason for offering you such an excellent hourly reward rate.

You’ll need a fine character, a commitment to client care and a track record of success in a sales career or a business venture. You’ll also need to be committed to learning and improving your skills. If you like reading books about successful people, that will be a big plus. We find that people who are committed readers are often very successful in sales and business.

If you are successful in applying for one of these part-time positions, you will be able to choose your own hours and your own days. You will be required for 40 hours per month.

– Neil Jenman
Source: Jenman Website

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