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What makes Leo & Co different?

We prefer to recruit people who have NO real estate experience.

We will give you exceptional training and support that will help you to succeed as the newest member of our team.
If you have a history of being a high achiever in your past endeavours and aspire to a role that gives you great new skills and rewarding career, this could be the opportunity for you.

Whether you’re looking for a full-time career or a part time role we are always looking for Decent, Dependable, Doers. If this is how your family and friends would describe you then


Why work with us?

Careers at

Leo & Co Real Estate

If you’re seeking a change, consider a career in real estate. We are committed to building a winning team consisting of results-focused people highly skilled in sales, customer care, and ethics.

We are willing to teach these skills to the right people: those who want a career, not merely a job. With the right people and the right training, our aim is to improve the real estate industry, not only for the agents themselves, but also for the clients they serve.

These details will give you an insight into what we can offer you if you work for us.

Our office won’t just hire anybody, nor will we allow the permanent hiring of any person until they have successfully completed a number of interviews, training programs and a series of comprehensive tests.
It’s not easy to secure a position in our real estate agency but the rewards are worth the effort.

What is expected
of you?

What You Will

New People Are Needed… Who are the right people?

We prefer people with no experience. We teach newcomers selling skills that range from the basics through to the most advanced stages. In particular, we believe that ‘pre-start’ training is vitally important to success.

People who have the following characteristics are most likely to do well

With these characteristics, many people can succeed provided they work hard and are constantly learning. Desire is still the key. People from all age groups and backgrounds are now enjoying successful real estate careers within our agency and agencies that are implementing the same systems as ours.

Factors to Consider

You must be prepared to work many hours, particularly in the early months. It is not unusual for some days to begin at nine in the morning and end at ten that night. At times there is a tendency for some new salespeople to work too many hours. Our program requires an enormous amount of dedication. The primary focus, however, is on actions completed, not upon hours worked. As in most careers, a mastery of time is critical. Truly successful real estate achievers have plenty of free time. They master time management skills.

An enormous amount of activity can be created for weekends. In the early stages of your career you may find it necessary to work many weekends.


You will need the whole-hearted support of your family. Real estate can be very demanding on your family life. Family bonds need to be strong to withstand such pressure. By focusing on the ultimate benefits of a successful real estate career, a family feels part of a team.

The most successful people are constantly improving. You will need to devote yourself to continuous training and improvement. Studying the great achievers from real estate, and from other industries, will be of great benefit.

Trust is the key in every aspect of the sales programs you will study and master.

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