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Dale: Hi my name Dale. What I am looking for? I am looking for renovated properties with three or four bedrooms. The condition of the property can be poor as long as the structure of the house is a sound. Anything else you need from me?

Interviewer:  Dale, Do you look at properties on main roads?

Dale: I do try to stay away from main road a bit just because when it comes to reselling them it takes a bit longer to resell them.

Interviewer: Okay, right’0.

Dale: People tend to stay clear out of those types of properties.

Interviewer: I take it you are looking in Brisbane in the North like Stafford, Stafford Heights and Everton Park?

Dale: Yes. Everton Park, Stafford Heights and Stafford that sort of areas…

Interviewer:  Terrific. And you are ready to go now though if we find the right property?

Dale: Yes, we are ready to go and we can get the ball rolling straight away. We want it.

Interviewer: Fantastic. So, if you receive one of these letters basically we have got a buyer ready for you now. He’s ready to go now, he’s financed, his looking a home in your area that he can renovate. So if you are thinking about getting to move over we can definitely help you right now. Thanks a lot though!

Dale: No worries. Thanks Mate!

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