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Glen and Bec are a lovely young couple that have been looking in the Stafford & Stafford Heights area for a good amount of time. They have decided that this is the area they would like to establish their long term home. Click below to listen to our quick interview.

Mark: I’m sitting here with Glen, Glen has been through a few homes with us and try to buy a home in our local area. Glen what areas are you looking at for your new home.

Glen: We’re looking at Stafford, Stafford Heights area, Something elevated on a fairly decent sized block. Something larger than the traditional 600 square meter block, something 3 bedroom, if it hasn’t been touched since the original owners that’s fine. Maybe looking to renovate something but also you know something that’s been renovated or even partially renovated and we can put our finishing touches on it will be good.

Mark: Glen, If the right house comes up in the coming weeks you are ready to buy now?

Glen: Yeah most definitely keen to go, something up to $700,000 to $750,000 something around that mark is what we’re aiming.

Mark: Fantastic! So the letter that you just received in the mail is basically going out to you on behalf of Glen and he is ready to buy now and we would love to hear from you. Thanks

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