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If you’re think of selling in Alderley, Enoggera, Gaythorne, Everton Park… Please click the play button below to listen in to Trish and Mark and help Trish buy.


Mark: I’ve got Trish with me, she’s a buyer looking for a townhouse in her local area. Trish, what areas are you looking to be in as far as this townhouse is concerned?

Trish: I’m looking at Alderley, Enoggera, Gaythorne, Everton Park. Could go as far out as Mitchelton but I think I’d … There would be my particular areas that I’m interested in.

Mark: Okay. And the home itself? What do you want from the home?

Trish: I would like two generous sized bedrooms. Doesn’t need an ensuite, just one bathroom. Maybe if it’s two level, a toilet downstairs in the laundry, or near the laundry something like that. A fairly open plan, but a comfortable size living area so that it’s not too congested. And a lock up garage. I do like a lock up garage with entry into the house.

Mark: Okay. If the right property is to pop up now, you’re ready to buy?

Trish: I am ready to buy, yes. I have sold my house. My settlement is on the 19th of February and I am ready to buy.

Mark: Terrific.

Trish: Cash sale.

Mark: Fantastic. Well, if this does interest you and you’ve received the letter in the mail feel free to give our office a ring. It’s 3356-2000 ask for Mark and we’ve got this genuine buyer right now that we could help you if you are looking to sell.


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